Efficiency Meets Passion

Efficiency Meets Passion

In the realm of the avid hunter and content creator, every moment holds the promise of adrenaline-fueled excitement. Whether I'm lining up a shot on a whitetail from 200 yards or capturing waterfowl locked into the decoy spread through the lens of my camera, time seems to stand still as the rush takes over.
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By Chris Franklin (Alpha Ambassador)

Living the life of an avid hunter and content creator, the focus that I put into each shot doesn’t change. Whether it's a whitetail at 200 yards in the scope of my 270, or waterfowl fully locked into the decoy spread in the lens of my camera. In both instances, time stops as the adrenaline starts to rush and my heart rate escalates. It can feel as if those 5 seconds become 5 minutes.

I have chased wild turkeys in the marshy everglades of South Florida, stalked mule deer in the rocky mesas of South Texas, and bagged limits of greenheads in the muddy waters of the Cache River, in Arkansas.

No matter the pursuit, either to kill, or capture, the addictive pursuit of that feeling never dulls. From a slow-motion trigger squeeze to shutter speed, countless hours of scouting to countless sleepless nights of editing frame by frame, you become so devoted to your craft that you take into account every fine little detail.

You become obsessed with it down to the core. 

Alpha Innovations designs products for the avid hunter, by the avid hunter. They have engineered a system so versatile and efficient that has not only become a vital part of my hunts but an important part of my everyday life as well.

In my world, no matter the hunt or task at hand, Alpha plays a part in it one way or another.

The Alpha Rack allows outdoorsmen to work smarter, not harder, so they can hunt smarter and not harder. Whether it's hauling gear in, or hauling the game out, it helps carry out the task at hand in the most effective way possible. The proof is in the puddin’!